How do you open a corona without a bottle opener?!

Question: How do you open a corona without a bottle opener?
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i used a knife one time when i couldn't find the bottle opener! I just stabbed the fack out of it :D

I've had this problem before at a friends house.

What you do is you find something with a wooden kind of ledge (like a table or bedside dresser or a park bench. preferably something that doesn't matter if it gets little dents in it) and you put the bottle against it and rest it so that the bottom of the cap where it is connected to the bottle is touching the wood, then you keep it held there and the next part is the hardest bit.

Make sure you are holding the bottle tight. and be careful not to break the bottle cause I know of people who have accidentally smashed the bottle doing this. if you are not confident enough, find a different way.

What you have to do is bring the palm of your hand down hard on the part of the bottle cap where it isn't touching the wood. this should cause the bottle cap to latch into the wood and the rest of the bottle will keep going therefore opening the bottle.

I hope you have a good time with your coronas.

Personal experience.

Twist top caps are a relatively new thing. I clearly remember when every bottle there was had to be pried. off. I have used my bottom incisor teeth, the inside of a car door (on older models), can openers and all kinds of gizmos. It is a good idea to get a mini folding can opener/top opener and put it on your key chain for emergencies.

cigarette lighter. hold the bottom of it against the lid then hold your hand or finger tightly under the lighter then flick it off

The tip of a pliers under the teeth of the cap.

Get your shirt and grip the cap and TWIST!

done it before.

use someone's braces

door latch. car door , home door.

lighter or key

fork spoon knife work fine
key is a bit tricky

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