How to Mask the smell of weed?!

Question: How to Mask the smell of weed?
I am going to a lil wayne concert and I am positive there is going to be weed. With that said, I hate the smell of weed, is there any way I can lessen the smell? Any particular seats that would be better than others? lastly, anything I can do to make sure I won't smell it?


Wear a gas mask.

LOL I went to a concert that was outdoors but because I am so short (5') the smoke was too heavy for me. And yes I have no problem smoking it, but when it is too intense it is overwhelming because I have allergies to it. So I had to move out of the middle of it and sit down. Every concert I have gone to, most likely the smokers will be higher up. Security is tighter closer to the stage (protecting the people on stage, not trying to cut your experience down). I liked the gas mask idea, you'll certainly make a statement! MLOL

Yeah, you are totally going to get high from breathing in the smoke! That's why I had to sit down! 5' and 90 pounds and whatever number of people smoking in close proximity... It's a really cheap high though!

sorry, not really any way to avoid is the reprecussion of "that kind of music"...I went to a pink floyd concert and it was outside. Although drugs were prohibited there was so much that the people couldn't really pin point who was doing it. looked just like cigarettes rolled up in cigarette rolls. I was high just by being in an open area with it all. Then someone handed me something that I thought was garbage or something, I couldn't understand what he was was a peice of paper I thought he found on the ground. Come to find out it had acid or something on it. He handed it to me and I dropped it on the ground right away. I didn't want his garbage. I realized it wasn't garbage after I started "seeing things". That was freaky. I dont do drugs and never smoked pot but I got high, I got high, I got

maybe try some strong perfume. It might bother other people around you or even yourself, but atleast you would smell perfume instead.

There is no way to do so ... one gets used to the scent over time though even if you
don't smoke it. That being said you will not get as high as those who are = but it still
can / will affect you somewhat if you're not used to it.

<- Non pot smoker who has known many users

You probably won't get high off the fumes.

And the real question you should be asking is, "What am I going to a Lil' Wayne concert?"

Usually weed is smoked up front/middle, stay in the far back away from... everybody.

That's basically all you can do is bring some sort of mask that filters out the air. Sure you'll look retarded but at least you won't get high.

I hate the smell too. There really is no way...
Unless like the others say, you wear some sort of mask. O you could febreeze everyone who smells like it....

Grow balls

let me know if he gets **** thrown at him!

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