Alcohol strength what is stronger?!

Question: Alcohol strength what is stronger?
What is stronger sdveka or vodka 110 proof?


sdveka is kinda crap. Not worth the price, and its 80 proof, so weaker, for sure.

I found some pretty good stuff for a great price: Fris (with two dots over the i) still 80 proof, but smooth, good taste. Better than Smirnoff, for sure.

Art, just so you know, Smirnoff regularly beats expensive "premium" vodkas in almost every blind tasting. Here's a link to one of the most famous blind tastings, via the NY Times:…

The results will make you rethink your $50 bottles of crappy Grey Goose.


110 proof. don't buy svedka, it's garbage. spend a few extra bucks and get some good vodka.

Vodka 110, but Svedka's cheaper so go with that if your on a budget.

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