What's it like to be a bartender? Pro's/con's? I want to become one..?!

Question: What's it like to be a bartender? Pro's/con's? I want to become one..?
I've been going to the bar often, and I really want to be a bartender. Seems like a great job, Good music, meet people, get social, clean glasses.. etc

I really have an interest for alcohol, I've always been researching it and tasting every kind i can get my hands on, I love mixed drinks, I dont love drinking, but i love making them, i see it in way that mixing/pouring drinks is a form of art. And id love to be a bartender.

How do i go around becoming one? Do you need to know the bar owner or soemthing? whats the job like?


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As a former bartender for ten very long years, I can tell you that the job has it's ups and downs. Yes it is fun and you get to meet lots of interesting people, it's a great way to socialize and it's fun because you are around people who, for the most part, are having a good time. On the down side, some people get arrogant when they drink. Some like to fight, which is always a pain. As a bartender, you are legally responsible if someone leaves the bar after they have had too much to drink and gets into a wreck which could leave you open for a lawsuit. It's alot of responsibility, as well.

Been there, done that.

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