is it bad to drink after taking painkillers?!

Question: Is it bad to drink after taking painkillers?
just had operation and im taking 2 painkillers:

Diclofenac Sodium Enteric Coated tablets - a bit painkillers but also anti-inflam
Co-cidamol - strong painkillers

is it bad to drink later?


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That's the BEST time to drink ;)

Well, its all hard on your liver. I had ankle surgery in December. I had 7 screws and 2 metal plates put in my foot, and they put me on oxy and vicodin. I don't mix em with alcohol because its really really hard on your liver. But if its out of your system (wore off), i don't see why not. I at least try to follow the guidelines on the Rx bottle...It says to take it every 4 to 6 hours, so i wait until the 6 hours is up then i have my glass of wine.

Quick answer- Wait till the painkillers wear off then enjoy your drink, but don't mix them.

You can call the pharmacy. The pharmacist can tell you if there is a drug interaction between what you take and the alcohol. Pain Killers like tylenol create a non-toxic poison in the liver. However alcohol intensivies the poison and it can be toxic. People have died from this.

Here is something on it:

Tylenol and AlcoholIf you are taking Tylenol, alcohol should generally be avoided. Studies show that people who drink alcohol regularly are at an increased risk for Tylenol poisoning even if they are taking a normal dosage. However, consuming a large amount of alcohol in a single dose is typically less likely to cause damage.…

Well it should say on your pill bottle whether or not they can be taken with alcohol. Though if you're a degenerate drug addict and buy your pain killers in plastic baggies from some other degenerate in a back alley then you wouldn't know that. But I'm sure that's not the case.

Are you referring to an alcohol drink, or just drinking anything at all? Really you should ask your doctor or pharmacist this question.

But since I'm just a regular guy on Yahoo Answers, I say a pint of beer helps the medicine go down!

its bad to drink ever... but it probably interferes with the medicine on second thought painkillers almost never get interfered with.....whatevs ask your doctor

you would have to ask your doctor for sure, but it doesnt sound like a good idea, alcohol can have deadly effects when combined with perscription drugs.

Yes it is a bad idea can poison you ....

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