Smoke shop question Help?!

Question: Smoke shop question Help?
I'm 15 and I live in Nj. I went to the smoke shop to buy incense like K2. Theady said you had to be 19 to buy K2 and rolling paper. Is it true?


Naw dude its a smoke shop you cant really even be in there You also cant buy papers because its a tobacco product. You can buy k2 at like a gas station Because its a incense But the smoke shops wont sell it to kids because parents would flip **** and it would be a bigger deal than it already is. But hey go to a gas station that has k2 and then stand out side of the store and ask someone to buy you a swisher :)
But hey weed is way better With k2 it makes you feel crappy when you run and **** and it gives you a headache and if your on probation then you can smoke k2 But if your not take advantage of it dude cus im on probation and i cant smoke But if i wasn't its would be sour Diesel and blue cheese on deck!

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