What should i expect my first time drinking? All my friends drink and im ready to try it(:?!

Question: What should i expect my first time drinking? All my friends drink and im ready to try it(:?
just tell me everything!


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It's a great way to take the edge off IF you go about it the right way. Take it SLOW if you're a newbie. People will want you to take shots but ohh man if you're not used to drinking you're just setting yourself up for a bad room spinning buzz. No one will care if you say, "no I'm good, I'm still workin on this beer."

Sip on your drink, and enjoy it (about as slow as you would a coffee). If you're drinking something like Vodka & Cranberry make sure that it's only about a shot of vodka in your glass.

And don't switch drinks, like "rum and coke" first and "white russian" the next b/c that's just asking for it. Stick to one drink, and 1 type of shot for now. The only other thing I can say to expect is that you'll prob have to go to the bathroom a lot, and if you stand up after sitting a while you may stumble a bit. Just smile and be fabulous.


you'll probably be loud and talkative...it depends on the person. some people get angry, some get emotional, yadda yadda. just drink as much as you are comfortable with. don't drink so much you blackout, and don't drink too many sugary confections, cause those are the ones that make you puke. try not to get totally wasted, hangovers are a real *****.

You're going to be warm and dizzy. Don't overdo it or you'll end up throwing up. Limit yourself to one drink at a time, but take big breaks between drinks, and drink lots of water. Make sure you're in a good mood when you try it, because I've had alcohol when I've been in a bad mood, and I either tell everyone my problems, or I yell. It's rare for me, but hey, ya never know. Everyone's different.

You get extremely happy and like to touch everyone, and it's the best feeling ever like the room is spinning and you have no control over what your doing. I love it ahahah but that's just me.

if your with a good group of friends that you trust and have fun around its a blast but if your with people you think are shady dont do it cause you wont have fun and youll regret it

dont drink, your killing yourself faster, its like comitting suicide.

Trying alcohol is not a matter. But you should not becom addict for it!!!..

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