What's the best way to cover the smell of alcohol?!

Question: What's the best way to cover the smell of alcohol?
I just go home and my dad is sleeping but I know he'll come check on me in the morning. I'm not drunk just a little buzzed and only 14?:/ how do I make sure I don't smell like tequila?


Eat bread. When you talk don't breath out. Kind of keep it in. And keep it short. Yes sir no sir . Don't talk too much. And don't do anything obvious like spray perfume or take a shower. I have three kids. When they smell nice I know something is up. Just like my Dad did when I was young. Good Luck!

Don't fool yourself. The only way to cover up is to not drink in the first place.
The added bonus is that you will not be poisoning yourself and putting yourself in danger.

geesh..only 14....you're a kid...worry more about how soon you're going to die or develop some health issue because a 14 year old drinking alcohol is like a young cat or some animal drinking alcohol........anyway, try mouth wash and perfume.

Toothpaste and pepermints. Only disadvantage is that parents used them too - thus very suspicious. At 14 I would not drink - you'll need the brain power to get to 16, 18, 21.

There is no way. And besides 14 is much too young to drink -> especially tequila.

Life Experience, Morals, Common Sense, Brain Cells .. shall I go any further kid ?

Dont drink tequila!

Keep drinking until you throw up on yourself.

Have a shower, spray on some deodorant. It worked for me, but now I'm legal I don't have to bother =D

no way.....its a true fact.try anything after drink.the smell is not going to stop..its a challenge....

Try eating some bread. That might soak it up.


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