So how do you enjoy the taste of Vodka?!

Question: So how do you enjoy the taste of Vodka?
And others like Brandy?

I truly love beer. But I can't ever seem to figure out how to drink the hard stuff without using a chaser. Sometimes when I drink Vodka I sit there with something else to kill the taste. Like ill take a shot. Then ill hurry up and eat something. Is there anyway to make Vodka taste good? I tried the 7up idea but I didn't like it much.

I never get tired of beer.


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Vodka is the worst tasting alcohol there is. Because all it is, is alcohol without any flavoring.

Try some New Amsterdam Gin instead.

It tastes good.

I love beer too, but hard liquors are more of an acquired taste. I hate vodka too, so I don't drink it, but there are plenty of good spirits out there that can be drunk without chasers such as whiskey, tequila, brandy, rum and of course gin. All of these taste fine on their own or with water.

But then, maybe I drink too much.

Russian Holy Water :)

Vodka. means Water ..

I could never drink Vodka.. But I am not much of a Drinker. It is However one of the Purest and Best
Alcoholic Drinks Pure.

Kyrie Eleison, Kyrie Eleison, Kyrie Eleison

Try vodka + energy drink. It tastes more. Vodka is russians traditional drink which has %. That's the point

Liquor Consumption is Injurious to Health..................................… saw in a Newspaper............................Don… smile.

I juss had soime wit sum monster nd im, drunk as F8dog learns from rap boo

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