my freind smokes lots of pot?!

Question: My freind smokes lots of pot?
and he ran out any suggestions lol


no don't tell him to eat nutmeg. he could have a really bad trip.

smoke a bunch of cigs
buy more
ask friend to smoke him out
smoke the rez from his pipe
find some pain killers
buy shrooms
buy salvia

Eat 5 tablespoons of nutmeg and wait 8 hours. You'll be high for a day.
edit: yes, do nutmeg. to have a bad trip you'd have to have about 10 tablespoons. Trust me I've done it like 3 times before, you'll feel real good.

I've been a legal pot smoker in Ca. for 13 years, over 30 years total and I just wanted to tell you that I............, That I..........., I mean that I................

Damn..... I forgot

Ummm buy some more.. Or learn how to garden

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