If you leave can of fosters outside all night is it okay to still drink it?!

Question: If you leave can of fosters outside all night is it okay to still drink it?
me and 3 of my mates had a house party and we saved 4 for the next morning so we put it outside my window to keep it chilled but im not sure wiether its safe to drink (btw they havnt been opened)


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Drink it. There is only one way to find out if the beer is good and that is to drink it.

Nothing on earth would get me to drink Fosters at any temperature!

Try real ale - look up CamRa. Visit beer festivals where people enjoy tasting a variety of ales and styles as opposed to the pasteurised muck that comes out of lager tins. People who love ale tend to me far more sober than the average 'lager lout' - it's a different life; try it.

It's barely drinkable as is so leaving it out all night won't make much difference

Any time Any condition is good for beer I often leave mine in a bag in the river to cool it to perfection

Yes. Why would you think they would not be.

it will be chilled to perfection

not opened? then it's good.

Not opened? then they're ok to drink. cheers.

it should be fine x

U R n EE jet.

no......... there not there now .... as ive taken them...

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