What is a similar beer to Corona?!

Question: What is a similar beer to Corona?
My wife only drinks Corona or Corona lite. She will drink land shark if she has to. Id like to take her to a local Taproom but it only has imported beers. Do you have any suggestions of something she may like?


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Bud Lime, it was made to compete with corona

The best thing about Corona is that it is really really light. It almost tastes like water. Budweiser makes a similar beer that tastes a lot like Corona, but I forget the name of it. All that I know is that it has lime flavor in it. The next time you are at a bar or a liquor store ask the bartender for the Corona substitute. I know that it is made by Budweiser, though

Mexican Lagers have a pretty unique taste. They're sweet and have a strong grassy bitterness. I'd suggest a light German or Czech lager. They're similar but different. Ask the bartender for the best option for your area. Preferably something local.


I typically drink Heineken but will have a Corona sometimes if my local convenience store runs out of the Heineken 24oz bottles. I think the taste is similar. They're both kind of skunky but I think Corona has a more dry taste.

Any English Bitter or Scottish 60 to 80 Shilling and she'll never go back
to Corona, Coors, Bud, Millers, or any other American Swill.

Boddington's Pub Draught and Fuller's London Pride would be my top picks.

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