Suggestions for dessert wines?!

Question: Suggestions for dessert wines?

Moscato, which is a sweet white dessert wine that usually tastes pretty apple-y. Go for Moscato d'Asti if you want it bubbly

German Eiswein, or the sweeter Gewurtztraminers

Meads, or "honeywine." If you have a Total Wine in your area, go to the Dessert wine section and you'll find all kinds of mead. I bought one a couple days ago called B Nektar Meadery Pineapple Mead with Coconut. Interesting flavor and not what you would expect.

Ports (Portugese) wine has an aquired taste, but they make plenty of dessert wines, such as Tawny Port.

anything labeled as "late harvest"

For a white wine, my favorite is Columbia Cellars Riesling.

If you'd like some bubble, any asti spumante will do nicely.

For a red, I like a good tawny port wine. You don't need to buy the top shelf one, but stay away from the entry level product. You get a lot more quality for about 5 bucks more.

I like a good Ice Wine. There is an american one mixed with pineapple.

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