Your favorite craft/microbrew beers?!

Question: Your favorite craft/microbrew beers?
I'm going to be 21 on Wednesday morning at 12am wondering what are your favorite microbrew/craft beers in big bottles (22 oz. ish) available in everyday stores (Safeway,Albertsons, etc.) I'm in the Northwest. I got 50 bucks and its gonna be a long night of pounding beers and playing COD haha, then problably hitting the casinos.


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You don't mention what style of beer you like. But as far as craft breweries go, Rogue and Russian River both put out quality beers across the spectrum. They are generally available in the PNW.

BTW - If you happen to be near Redmond, WA, try Malt & Vine they have an amazing selection and the staff is very knowledgeable.

Pyramid is pretty good

Smuttynose, But I'm in the Northeast.

Has Great Lakes made it your area? They have several fine brews.

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