Are hookahs harmful to 13 year olds?!

Question: Are hookahs harmful to 13 year olds?
Title says it all, are they? Can a 13 year old smoke a hookah? Not necessarily at a hookah bar, just is one harmful to one and can they.


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It's not safe for anyone. One puff is like smoking 2 full cigarettes. One session of 45 minutes can include 200 puffs. So that's around 400 cigarettes. I feel sorry for your lungs if you start that at 13.

Hookahs are better than cigs; the stuff you inhale from a hookah is more of a vapor-type gas compared to the think, strong, harsh smoke that comes from cigs. Ideally, no smoking at all is better than smoking anything (health wise anyway), but if you want to smoke, hookah is BETTER than cigs and offers a variety of flavors and it also serves as a wonderfully fun social event! why not?


no you are too young to smoke anything at your age. You'll ruin you lungs in like a decade if you start now. What you going to do in another ten years from now when you hear bad news from your doctor? and he/she will say "you need new lungs". You gotta think about the future not just "oh this is fun so I am going to do it today. If you were old then I can see and I'd say fine do whatever you want cause you never know how much time you have left to live but you are only 13 and got almost your whole life in front of you and could suffer health problems early if you get into bad habits at a young age. Find other things to do you don't need to smoke to be cool or have fun. Go to a gym, go out with friends, go swimming, go to a movie, to a walk, for some ice cream see there are tons of fun things to do without using a substance. Think about it. P.S. smoking or drug use at a young age isn't as cool as you think your friends at school will laugh at you behind your back and call you a loser do you want that? It's not worth it. You got your whole life in front of you just enjoy being a kid while you still can time goes by faster then you think.


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