Why do i feel like vomiting after i drink?!

Question: Why do i feel like vomiting after i drink?
Well don't in general drink that much, but during one week (about a month ago) drunk far too much for me to handle (vomited after half a bottle of vodka), and then went out the following 3 days drinking too much as well.

Before I never drank too much, would have a couple of drinks a night and handle it fine. Now however, since that time whenever i drink any drink of any kind or amount I instantly feel like vomiting.

I don't plan on going out and drinking too much as that in my opinion is stupid (yes i know hypocritical) however I do enjoy just having one or two drinks a night. Any reason why I would feel like vomiting basically instantly now? Any ideas to get over it

(still drink redbull fine, but vodka redbull instantly makes me feel sick despite basically tasting the same)


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Purely a psychological situation Have a weak drink and then a stronger one soon the problem will be a thing of the past.

That's your body's way of telling you to stop drinking so much alcohol. You're putting your body through hell by drinking that much in a short span of time. Plus it makes a difference if you're doing this on an empty stomach or not.

edit: sometimes if you drink a lot one night, a couple drinks two days later just don't work out well

alcohol is toxic in large quantities, and the body knows this. it is probably that after the time you drank way too much, the body got the expectation that it was going to happen again (i ate a piece of undercooked chicken and it made my stomach turn every time i saw chicken for about a month after). people vomit after drinking too much because if they didn't, the body thinks it would be in trouble

You just answered your own question. Never drink too much alcohol quickly in a short period of time

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