questions about alcohol and hangovers?!

Question: Questions about alcohol and hangovers?
I rarely drink alcohol but last night I took 5 shots of vodka and woke up this morning throwing up a storm and i have a really bad migraine. How can i avoid getting a hangover next time? and why did i get such a bad hangover? my friends drank way more than i did and they didn't get a hangover.


being hungover is being so freakin dehydrated, before you pass out or go to bed after partying, drink 1-2 full glasses of water before you go to sleep and you wake up feeling GOLDEN yo. everyone says so and its true

5 shots of vodka is MUCH too much for a female. Even for males it's borderline.
Might be a lack of tolerance on your part, dehydration prior to / while drinking ..

How to avoid getting a hangover? Be more responsible with / around hard liquor,
and if underaged, avoid it altogether until you are of legal drinking age where u r.

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