opinions on svedka? or any recomdations?!

Question: Opinions on svedka? or any recomdations?
im lookin at midrange vodkas and i kindaa like this one so im asking what other people think of it or if they know of any better for about the same price


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My opinions on Svedka is that is good for flavored vodkas. I believe that is their "claim to fame"
If you are mixing vodka's into other beverages, you don't need a high end vodka.

The good thing about a flavored vodka (traditionally svedka). Is that these taste fine by themselves, and can be mixed into cocktails.

Generally Speaking, over thinking vodka can be a costly experience.

Here are some simple Recommendations for whatever you please:
Pinnacle Whipped Cream Vodka (Very Popular, but this is sweet, and tastey)
zubrowka vodka (bison grass, slightly spicey, light lemon)
Grey Goose - very, very, very - light anise flavor. Might be more than mid range.
Stolichnaya (Stoli) is a perfect / Mid Range vodka for mixing and neutral in flavor.

I hope some of this helps

I personally beileve UV is the best vodka. Its about 13$ a bottle and comes in many diffrent flavors. They all taste amazing and get you buzzed fast.

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