I'm hosting a party at a Restaurant!?!

Question: I'm hosting a party at a Restaurant!?
I will be having a birthday party at the restaurant, but the restaurant does not own a liquor/alcohol license. Can i still serve liquor/alcohol even though they do not have a license? The restaurant will be closed to the public, its a private event. Located in New York

Is selling liquor/alcohol the illegal action, or
is serving liquor/alcohol the illegal action or
IS it both?

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Well i know that selling liquor is illegal with a resturaunt that dose not own a liquior licence. Resturaunt depending on new yorks laws could get a huge fine.

As for serving , i think its still illegal having the liquor licence is must for both occasions. But im not so sure on the serving part. Goodluck

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When you say "Can I serve alcohol," are you part of the restaurant, or just a customer serving his friends? Whether it's illegal or not, there are some things to consider here. 1. What do the owners of the restaurant think about it? 2. The restaurant will be closed, it doesn't matter so much about the restaurant's licence, AS LONG as you're just a customer. IF you're the owner or someone from the restaurant, it could get messy if you're serving alcohol to customers.

Have fun!

In England if a restaurant has no license to sell alcohol then you can bring your own. It is normal to pay "corkage" as the restaurant will undoubtedly have cleaning to do. But it mat be the case that the restaurant owners are anti alcohol in any case contact the restaurant and find out the policy.


Every state's laws are different. Just call the restaurant and ask if you can BYO. If they say yes, it's obviously fine.

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