Whats a cheap red wine that tastes good?!

Question: Whats a cheap red wine that tastes good?
I'm looking for a bottle of red wine for under ten dollars. Please explain how it tastes as best as you can. Thanks !!


I like Mirassou Pinot Noir. Looks like this:


It's not bitter like many cheap under $10 wines and has a nice, easy-to-drink taste to it.

I can't give you specifics seeing as I don't know your exact location, but if you check local markets, frequently places run specials. If you're going cheap, Merlot tends to still be somewhat decent, or Chianti/Sangiovese if you prefer less oak. If you're looking for a sweet red, I can't help you, though.

Work at a winery.

Apothic Red Winemaker's Blend. It's usually like 20-22 bucks but on sale you can get it for like $11. It's really good.

I find the Bogle products reliably good, and where I live (MA), they are usually $9-10.

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