What do you feel is the preferred beer in your area?!

Question: What do you feel is the preferred beer in your area?
I'm just curious as to what beers are the favorite in your area, out here around the Blue grass, Walcott, Buffalo (Iowa) area it seems Bud Light is preferred. I personally like Natty Light cuz its cheap. So put what the favorite beer is in your opinion from your area, u can just say a state cuz I know some people are cautious about creepers. Haha. For a head up on the competition also put what your favorite is.Peace.


I used to live in Iowa and I served a lot of Bud Light and Old Milwaukee. My preferred is Miller Lite here in CA (since everyone else drinks Bud), but switched to Natural Light since it's $4 cheaper for a pack. They taste the same.

Here in Ontario Canada Coors Lite is the top selling beer.


Corona is the favorite in my state bottle shops go through hundreds and thousands of cartons of the stuff

Natural Ice is it by far.


Budweiser, although I despise that garbage!


Mine is bud light. Around here in birmingham think fav is fosters x

bud light..and coors

in medellin colombia we love either pilsan,redds,or aguila

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