How many beers do you think before i would get drunk (Coors Light)?!

Question: How many beers do you think before i would get drunk (Coors Light)?
Okay so im going over to my friends with some people in a couple days, don't tell me im doing it just to fit in because ive been curios ever since i was 5 years old

Im 14 years old 5'4 115 pounds and pretty athletic i dont want to get so drunk im going to throw up just buzzed


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Everyone's different. Definitely have no more than 5 if it's your first time drinking. Me and my friends generally drink 12 bottles each before going out, but that's because we're all over 6" and 200 lbs and we're experienced drinkers. If you try to be tough and drink more than 5 or 6, then you'll fall in a heap. When you start to feel the effects, stop drinking. And for the love of God, don't touch any spirits like vodka or whiskey. If you don't know what you're doing with that stuff you could end up in hospital.


how are you i would say you could get drunk off 5 beers but you should not not be drinking at your age drinking is bad for your health its bad for anyone i would stick with mock tails they are the same thing as cocktails they don't have alcohol in them and they taste just as good if not better you don't have to have alcohol in a cocktail to enjoy it also under age drinking is against the law i hope i have helped you take care

don't go pass two, because the first one you will acquire a taste to and the second one will get you buzzed, and after that your chances are you will be go easy and make them last..k? and i know teens do this, and you want to make sure you are always able to be in control of what your doing for this lesson the rest of your more than two, or you will find out what you don't want to happen will..and if you would just wait until your 21, you will find out then you were not missing's the thought that you are not suppose is what attracts you more than anything because what it does is relax you at two, more than that it starts to become out of control, and not where you want to go..

ummmm did u know its illegal to drink alcohol beverages before age 21. lol

one sip would get u wasted lol.


One or two. That's it, dont drink anymore. It could creep up on you so be very careful!!!


very much.So try not to drink

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