What is the most you've ever drank?!

Question: What is the most you've ever drank?
In beers and or shots or mixed drinks


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One night we were drinking KD Whiskey.. haha the grossest **** I have ever drank!.. anyways I took about 20 shots. Don't remember much of that night. When I woke up in the morning I must have had alcohol poising because everything I drank, even water, tasted like whiskey. And I was puking my guts out.

I don't drink like I used to, and back then was all just an awful blur. But, I'll try to give you a typical one-sitting piss-up count for that time.
36 cans beer
1 40 whiskey
4 drinks with chunks of fruit or tiny umbrellas in
2 26s liqueur (creme mellon or otherwise)
6 regular cocktails
4 double cocktails
1 mickey sambucca
1 mickey amaretto
1 mickey Southern Comfort
1 26 vodka
1 66 Rye
Of course, I would share some of the larger bottles and inevitably give a few beers away. But most of that **** were MINE! That was a regular tank-up night, they got heavier, or lighter depending on who showed up, and who had dough. Sometimes the second or third trip to the liquor store were extremely difficult. (just cover one eye, it removes 50% of the oncoming traffic)

Lifetime alcoholism.... :( I fail at life.

6 bottles off beer
4 shots of whiskey
3 snifters of brandy
2 tequila slammers
2 glasses of absinthe
1 martini
1 bloody mary
3 cans of 4Lokos, then i went to work


I NEVER Drank; but my friend is 6'4 and 220 so he drinks a pack of beer like nothing; his tolerance is fine

Licensed Bartender and Liquid/Wine expert

I don't remember too well. I think it was most of a bottle of tequila in one long evening.

Two bottles of 40% bourbon or 2 cartons of beer.

I used to be pissed every wednesday

The most I can handle is a 12 pack of beer and I stumble to the couch and I'm out!

I never drink hard liquors only beers
my record would be 16 beers but from 2 pm to 3 pm so more than 12 hours

i mixed nuvo with vodka.oh god.

Couple of sips of hennessey a few years ago, I'm still drunk wahoooo

What do u think my source is?

a glass

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