Can a shot of Merlot wine get you tipsy?!

Question: Can a shot of Merlot wine get you tipsy?
Even if you take it in one swig or slowly sip it?


A shot of wine is too small an amount of alcohol to make anyone tipsy.
A 'shot' is about 1 1/2 ounces. A glass of wine is 4 - 6 ounces.
You might feel the effects of a glass but a shot is way too small for a slightly drunk effect!

Wine can only max out at 14% alcohol. usually it is between 8-10%. So if you drink a glass of wine which 4oz in a hour it will raise an average persons blood alcohol level to around .03 % in most states .08% is considered over the drinking limit.
A shot is only 1.5oz so you should not get a buzz unless you mix it with something else.
If you did get tipsy you should becarefull it could be an alergic reaction.

I feel sorry for you if one shot makes you tipsy, I'm sure that would mean that you have an alcohol allergy or something. Also, if you're young then the tipsy feeling is probably in your head.

I guess maybe if you are a small person and have a low alcohol tolerance. If I have two or three glasses I generally feel pretty good. For most people I would probably say one glass will get you feeling good.

Living in Italy for 3 years.

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