Do you find being stoned helps or hinders you when doing college work?!

Question: Do you find being stoned helps or hinders you when doing college work?
I find that when I am trying to think up connections and ideas and stuff like that, it really helps to smoke a j and listen to some mozart or bach and vaguely think about my subject...and it all comes to me! my neurons start firing. But of course if I am trying to memorise complex things for like an MCQ i cant do it stoned i have to be not stoned. what u think?


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I wouldn't know personally as I don't get stoned, but I would imagine it hinders it.

It all depends on the state you are in when you learn the material. If you are stoned when you are taught the material it is better to be stoned while doing the work and taking a test, same with drunk or on pain killers, its not recommended but if due to circumstances you had to be in that state when you learned it, it is far easier to recall that information when you are in that state. On a side note, a single joint may be useful in calming you down and lessening what's on your mind and may not hinder you ability to think of what you need to.

State dependent memory from PSU BMB 100 class

Gnarly concept dude...

Next time you're thinking up some connections and ideas and stuff like that and you get the munchies... make sure you have some KFC on hand. That too will help your neurons fire as KFC has highly amazing properties and is too good to resist.

For homework or stuff, yeah go and smoke some weed and get it done, but if its a test just go it sober.

personal experiences

weed makes you think not remember
actually weed has given me a very poor memory that i dont remember what most of what ive lernt. defeats the object i think hence i stack shelfs

Don't get stoned especially not when at college, if you do it too often it will affect your health.


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