Who's first weed experience was with brownies?!

Question: Who's first weed experience was with brownies?
I'm going to try weed for the first time this weekend (post med school exams) but it will be brownies.

Has anyone done the same as a first time thing? What should I expect?


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My first experience was with edibles, sugar cookies to be exact, they tasted like a**. However, being my first time I did not know the potency of marijuana or how edibles take effect. Depending on what you've eaten before hand as well as your size and the amount you are consuming results can vary. I had about 2 1/2 grams worth, which for a first timer is way too much (I was 6'3" 168lbs at the time). For the first 30 to 45 minutes I felt nothing and when they hit they hit gradually, when the THC first hit the blood stream I just felt relaxed and somewhat lethargic. About an hour after ingesting them I had tunnel vision and was what we like to call high as a kite. I had the same effect 3 years later with a two gram brownie. Essentially, if you are skeptical you'll probably feel paranoid, but the usual effect is just feeling lazy and kinda goofy. I recommend starting off with one gram so you don't get as much of a stoned feeling and you're a little more aware. Plus it's less for your body to filter out in case you don't want to be high for more than a couple hours.

Oh and since they're gonna taste like oregano infused brownies try and get 'em down the hatch as quickly as possible. I don't know why some of these people puked, I have quite honestly never seen anyone puke from edibles.

my first time was out of a pipe; and honestly if i were you i'd go for the pipe. the pot brownies made me puke and and my friends did too. we also had pot rice crispie treats- the were NASTY. so i would just smoke it out of a pipe or a bong.

personel experience

Not me, however such was the case for my mom in 1969, cost her a well paying job.



are you going to carry them in your handbag?

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