How can i bribe someone to buy me some chew?!

Question: How can i bribe someone to buy me some chew?
this one person can get it but i have to give him the money to get it and pay 3.00$ more. then he will take amlost half the bag. is that a bad deal?


wow I just found out what that is lol. If you have no other choice then you'll have to go for it. Otherwise see if they sell it online anywhere, a safe website of course.

i would just not chew. not only will it make you more attractive if u don't but it ill save you money. ur obviously underage if u cant buy it yourself and your "buddy" that's buying it for you can go to jail if he gets caught. Chew makes u smell, u have to carry a disgusting bottle to spit in and it causes mouth tongue and throat cancer and i'd call the cancer thing a bad deal. so yea just dont do it.

Please see:…

Why do you tobacco people think just because alcohol is also a vice, that your questions belong in this forum?

How about don't chew at all?

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