Why do we feel such an enormouse "release from tension" or "Relief" after drinking alcohol sometimes!

Question: Why do we feel such an enormouse "release from tension" or "Relief" after drinking alcohol sometimes?

Alcohol is an anti-depressant, and it usually exacerbates the mood you are in when you start drinking. When you get home your in a mood of wanting to relax so when you drink you become further relaxed.

Nicotine is highly addictive, and so when the brain receives some you get that sense of well-being as your cravings and anxiety of when your next 'hit' will be have been lifted.

They are both terrible for you, the government has admitted that if they weren't such widley used and accept drugs they would definitely be Class A. Nicotine is the most addictive substance known to man and alcohol is more dangerous than heroin, i would STRONGLY urge you to stay well away for cigarettes.

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because alcohol is a relaxant. and nicotine (in cigs) are addictive, and alcohol can be addictive as well.. if there was a clear answer for this there wouldn't be AA meetings and such

everyone responds to alcohol differently, and i don't think ones line of work will completely determine how they feel/react to alcohol or smoking.

beer and liquor both have alcohol, just in different quantities.


brain is like a muscle..if you use it a lot..your muscle feels tense after so long and the need for relaxation again..just like your body if you went running for 2-3 hours.

drinking alcohol helps your brain relax..but many become dependant on this feeling and "relax" it too much..making them do things they are embarrased about when they are again using their brain again..(sober)

moderation is key.

smoking is just poison..i am firmly against that..but drinking just 1 glass ,,maybe 2 a day after working is fine.

Alhohol is a mind altering drug. Smoking is the perfect drug. It brings you up when your down and relaxes you when your stressed. I don't thimk coffee relaxes people, they are most likely addited to it and can't funtion with out it.

Age lessons

Because alcohol is God's greatest gift to man

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