How many beers will it take for me to get drunk?!

Question: How many beers will it take for me to get drunk?
I am about 110 lbs, haven't gotten drunk in a month, and I don't remember how much alcohol it takes for me to get drunk. I'll be drinking a beer with 5.5% ABV. Also, it's a coffee porter, does that mean there's caffeine in it?


dude why worry. just drink that ****, but it would take round 5 or 6 for you to get feelin good. and all beer has caffeine

It totally depends on the person. You don't weigh much so probably only a few, but it can really be anything. I can drink 5 in half an hour and feel nothing, but that's just me. Coffee porter does have caffeine.

i'm assuming a six pack would get you loaded. anything past that would make you borderline belligerent and increase the chance of you getting sick/nasty hangover

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