Cigarettes - 'ELECTRIC' type...?!

Question: Cigarettes - 'ELECTRIC' type...?
Without the use of brand names I am seeking opinions about this new smoking device from any of you that have begun use.

Are there any flaws with them & DO they resemble cigarettes?


Hate them. Hate them so much, that I don't even want cigarettes anymore. Why?! It is so freakin' hard to get even a TINY bit of something out of it that I get out of breath just thinking about them. Too hard to work for!! I got the highest nicotine, Husband got highest nicotine with menthol, and they are so weak.

Not worth the money..
Hate having to charge it every day.
Supposedly each cartridge is 175 puffs, but that's such crap. More like each cartridge is a few puffs..

Own E-Cigs.

they are about 60-80% as good as a cig. Forget tobacco flavor tho it doesnt taste like your brand. I ended up with some flavored cherry/etc.

Yes they resemble smoking pretty well. It takes some effort to find a good e-juice with proper throat hit, nicotine level and a flavor your like.

Joye 510 or something that makes decent vapor you will end up like the person below me.

Each cart is about 20-40 puffs, 2-5 drops of e-juice and its recharged. Do research or its likely you will hate it like the person below me.

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