whats the best remedy for sobering up?!

Question: Whats the best remedy for sobering up?
after drinking wine


Wine can be a tough hangover. Self control is the best remedy. But since it probably has already happened, lots of water to flush out the toxins in your liver. A good B-vitamin to stimulate your liver (thiamine) and good quality food full of carbos and protein. Sleep, and the promise to restrain yourself.!

eat some greasy food like pizza, the bread and the grease will help absorb the alcohol quicker. Lots of water will help flush it out of your system and prevent a hangover. A hangover is your brain being dehydrated, so gatorade is also a good option.

only time can help you sober up, but water can help make you feel better once you are sober. Dehydration is the reason for a hangover. Gatorade also works very well to replenish your electrolytes and bananas are good for replenishing your potassium.

theres alot of things you can do....i like drinking milk and having a bagel.some people like orange juice.advil and aglass of water..it all depends what you think is good and let the time pass

The best remedy for sobering up is to drink more wine until drunk again... as for a remedy for being drunk, that is a different question.

doesn't make a difference if its wine, beer, or hard liquor. The best remedy is time.. Eating food/drinking water can help make you feel less drunk, but doesn't really make you less drunk


Water, OJ and time. I used to say "Advil" but the kidneys don't need additional abuse after already abusing them.

No matter the cause of the hangover, the only cure is time

Time and Maturity

SLEEP - Time is the only thing that will sober you up

sleep, time, and drink lots of water to rehydrate you

a big fryup

sleep and time

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