Prosecco - Good Inexpensive Brands?!

Question: Prosecco - Good Inexpensive Brands?
What are some good, inexpensive brands of Prosecco? Also, what's the opposite of Brut?


Nino Franco Prosecco is a very good sparkling wine. Has been given a 90 pt rating and sells for $15.
Zefiro Prosecco was rated at 89 pts and sells for $16
Dolce Vita Prosecco is also very good and is highly rate for $15.
IL Prosecco is another one rated high and sells for $13.

Other to look for are:
Zardetto Prosecco Brut @ $17
Caposaldo Prosecco @ $14

The opposite of Brut would be sec or demi sec.

i agree with brit

Prosecco is over rated and what do you mean by inexpensive? $10? $20? I've had a few bottles in the $10 range and haven't found one I didn't have to choke down.

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