Question about boiling mary jane?!

Question: Question about boiling mary jane?
If I boil a leaf of marijuana in a small pot (no pun) and let it cool, and then drink it, will i get high? I want to get high, but without ruining my lungs or using a stronger drug than pot.


Thc isn't very soluble in water, grind it up and add it to a cake or muffin or brownie mix (which you can either make or buy) and eat that, or grind it down and mix it with melted butter and spread it on toast

Chef / pot head (mostly pothead)

If I were you Id bake it in some brownies. No joke dude but be prepared to have about 9 hours to spare and also..... Do Not spare this Mary woman you are talkin about. Spend a little cash on her.
You will never experience it better. Remember it takes a while for it to hit you so stay home. Please. She was made to be eatin out if you know what Im sayin.

no, if you just cook it in water it won't release the stuff that gets you high, you need to add something fatty (like butter) for it to work. also the leaf doesn't get you high, the buds do.

yep what sam said, steep it in melted (but not boiling) butter for a while.. then use the hash buter for... i dunno a cupcake, a brwnie or spread it on toast or somethin..

you would have to use some really dank buds to make marijuana tee...juicy and wet with thc.

I dunno why dont u try it and let us all know lol

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