What's The Healthiest Tobacco Product?!

Question: What's The Healthiest Tobacco Product?
I know that any form of tobacco is bad for you but hey, it seems people smoke their entire lives and don't develop lung cancer until they're 80 lol. I have to smoke cuz I have a minor addiction (because I inhaled a little bit of a cuban once and from then on, I have liked inhaling even cigars haha) So what's the least carcinogenic (cancer-causing) form of tobacco? Like a special cig brand or something?


Try premium cigars, they do not have any added product, only natural tobacco.


It's actually easy to quit altogether. I did about a month ago with absolutely no problems, after smoking cigarettes for 10 years and a pack of black and mild cigars every day for 3 years...I'm now wondering what took me so long.

Maybe try e-cigarettes if you feel you must smoke.

None of them are the healthest it's just that every ones body is different that these people were just lucky to still be alive and not everyone gets cancer at a young age and getting cancer can happen at anytime in their life time.

I heard there is supposed to be some kind of tobacco out now that does not have any added chemicals. I would try that - best to quit.

Chewing Tobacco

Some people don't get lung cancer until they're 80 and some get it in their 30s---that's because it's not 100% fatal.

Menthol ones lol

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