Does drinking wine every night age you?!

Question: Does drinking wine every night age you?
If you have a couple glasses of wine with dinner four times a week does this age you?


If you drink yourself into a ogre state of mind the wine will age you. Figuring you have no such plans a bit of wine is a pleasant way to go through life.

Two glasses of wine with a meal four times a week is catamount to good health. The wine will help your cardiovascular health and many more benefits too. Begin drinking more than that and it may do the opposite to helping you.

Interesting article about drinking and health...…

Well,Wine is more alcohol dense than most other drinks... But at the same time has those antioxidants. I'd say one glass is okay. More than that, not so much.

Every week that you do that will make you at least a week older, every time.

I don't think so, but it probably won't make you younger, either.

it can't help make you look any younger.

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