Survey for "women-strippers"/etc-What if the guys/drunks were to call you "babe"?!

Question: Survey for "women-strippers"/etc-What if the guys/drunks were to call you "babe"?
I was watching the movie; "Barbe-Wire"-If any guy called Pamela Anderson "babe"-she murders him! (she was a go-go dancer/stripper at a bar, was called one, she took her 'heel' off her foot & chucked it at his forehead!)


I cannot speak from a strippers point of view, but when some one disrespects me there is a consequence. So far I have not had to kill anyone; and I never would for name calling.
Why would some one choose the business of being a stripper; where they would be objectified,
and probably be called things worse than babe, if they found this type of behavior so offensive?
Why would some one hire her based on these responses- cannot be good for business.
Hot girls get away with murder?! Ridiculous!!!

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