Why does wine taste better in a wine glass than a cup?!

Question: Why does wine taste better in a wine glass than a cup?
Silly random question i know!
But I was just drinking wine from a cup cos was too lazy to wash a wine glass but then realized it didn't taste so good!
So can anyone tell me , why does wine taste better in a wine glass?


Professionals and amateurs alike feel that nothing shows the color and clarity of wine better than clear, unadorned crystal. The less that comes between the wine and the palate the better.
Sources as varied as the University of Tennessee and the Wall Street Journal (November 18, 1999) among others, have reported that the shape of a wineglass can have an effect on various chemicals found in wine that affect taste.

It does this apparently, by controlling the amount of wine surface area that is exposed to the air. The size of the bowl determines how much or how little liquid can be swirled, which affects the exposure. The shape and thickness of the rim directs the wine to specific parts of the tongue with different taste sensitivities. Finally, the diameter of the opening concentrates or expands the rising aroma or bouquet.


You are missing the nose. Wine glasses are designed to allow the wine to aerate and breathe. So when you are taking a sip, you are also exposed to the vapors. It allows you to both smell and taste the wine. That's why the rest of the answers are wrong.

I've drank, predominately red wines, for decades. I have a big decanter that you pour your wine into to let it breathe. Typically 15-30 minutes for expensive aged wines to 1-2 hours for young ones.

it tastes the same .. but the glass adds to the experiance .. its like why does food taste better in a posh restaurant rather than out if a bucket?
tho id rather eat it from the bucket as it would be far cheaper :)

It doesn't taste any different, but people eat with their eyes first. So having the wine in a fancy wine glass probably makes it more appealing; so your minds telling you that it somehow tastes better.

It shouldn't taste any different, unless the chemicals in the wine cause a reaction with the cup (which is possible).

there is nooo difference. you tastebuds are just tasting differently. really silly question lol

common sense

Paul hit it... he is 100% right.

Wine glasses do serve a purpose its not to just look fancy.

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