My alcohol tolerance sucks what can I do?!

Question: My alcohol tolerance sucks what can I do?
So I come from a family of heavy alcoholics; three generations, so drinking is in my DNA. I currently attend college and frequently attend parties. The thing is It is almost not worth the money to try and get drunk. I have tried everything from a 1.75 of vodka to a bottle of everclear just to get a little tipsy. Beer isn't even an option in the matter.

My college friends recommended Four Loko and so I tried that as well. After drinking 4 Four Lokos in about 75 minutes I was far from even buzzing.

I'm not here to brag or something, this actually sucks and would like some advice because drinking is a social experience and without spending 25 dollars a night and drinking a gallon of alcohol it just doesn't happen for me. But with such a tolerance I am afraid of also becoming an alcoholic like the rest of my family.


Hey Brett. You're thinking that not getting drunk is somehow depriving you of a time honored experience, valid point. You may inherit an addictive personality from genetics, but high alcohol tolerance seems likely to just be your particular makeup. You know better than most the long term consumption of large quantities, so upping to 1/2 gallon of 151 is expensive and dumb. Have you tried pot? Yeah, not the same, but all that drunken stupid behavior around you will be funny as hell! No hangover and worst side effect is the munchies, not liver failure, bad judgements, DUI, std's, from said poor judgement s...
My husband died a long slow death, even with a liver transplant, and put our family through a living hell while alive, not meaning to be preachy, but take the path less traveled. There's enough drunks out there, break the generations old cycle of your family and enjoy life, have a drink, and in time you may even cop a buzz.

I think you might be exaggerating just a bit... but then again you could be some sort of genetic freak of nature who has a body that can very efficiently metabolize alcohol. If this were the case I would just give up on getting as rip roaring drunk as your friends at every party.

It's not like you go from 100% sober to $h1t show immediately. There is a whole range of drunkenness out there for you to achieve.

I have a troll friend here on YA, let's call him Stephen K. He too drinks like a wild man and thinks he is fine but a few years back he decided that his is a loser alcoholic and quit. He is no longer an active alcoholic but he is now a quitter. Just keep the alcohol faith and you will be happy.

See yall

Dude there is no way you could do that all night and keep up with me. I bet youde pass out by 12 keepin up with me. Maybe you should move on to half gallons of vodka a night. If that doesnt work Id just quit drinking and do something else. You ever try crack?

First off don't blame "alcoholism" on past generations because that's just your insecurity looking for an excuse...

Just try something high in alcohol, 151 Proof rum.

Or you could just stop drinking, nobody ever died from NOT drinking.


Seems to me your tolerance is in fact very high [**IF**] what you say is true. Drink more and/or more often. Not for a second do I believe you when you state that "After drinking 4 Four Lokos in about 75 minutes I was far from even buzzing," because any person would be. You may think that you aren't but you are. That is part of your problem, your brain is not rationalizing the intoxication. You are drunk (buzzing as it may be) but your brain is not realizing it. The other thing is that you might be in some rare bizarre and small group of people with very high tolerance.

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