Hangover help please?!

Question: Hangover help please?
I have had a hangover for almost 7 hours! Is this normal?


yeah, it won't subside till later tonight probably. Here's some hangover tips and secrets. Pre drinking eat a really good dinner with lots of protein and nutrients and when you buy your booze buy two-three big things of gatorade or powerade. When drinking your alcohol drink two of them before you go to bed; usually its best to drink one while hittin the bottle then drink one right before you hit the sack. One for the morning is also good. DO NOT take aspirin and tylenol because they will only worsen the situation because your blood will be very thin and those are blood thinners. Also drink tons of water before/during/after drinking. The cause for a hangover is body dehydration and lack of nutrients in the body. Try to get a good nights sleep and the next day take a nap to help you out. Pasta is a great hangover cure btw.

lots of hangover's

Hangovers can last all day or even up to a FEW days, so yes it's perfectly normal. Alcohol is basically poison to your body and too much of it dehydrates you and depletes your system of chemicals it needs to function properly. There is little you can do to make it go away faster. Just rest, take some aspirin for your head, and wait it out. And next time, don't drink more than 2-3 drinks an hour.

Water, sleep, water, sleep, water, sleep. Don't drink so much next time.

You simply had a hangover? YAWN!

Quite normal. Why did you get drunk in the first place? It doesn't make you popular.

tomato juice(: that should do the trick!!

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