Am I an alcoholic? opinions.?!

Question: Am I an alcoholic? opinions.?
I have been wondeing about this question for a while and need some final opinions.
I drink almost every time I have a day off, sometimes in the morning, however I have strange hours which may affect this.
Once I start drinking, sometimes I can stop, however lots of times I just drink myself unconscious.
I probably drink three to four times a week, sometimes five and I have repeatedly quit in the last few months, probably about twelve times, always to start again a few days later.
A few people have expressed concern over my drinking, family members, my counsellor and my roomate, and it has been suggested that I go through detox, but every time I go to AA meetings I feel stupid and ridiculous for being there, Like I'm making a big deal out of nothing.
Whats the word? Do I have a problem?


My dad is a severe alcoholic, and you're already way better of than him with one thing. You can admit that it's not normal, and it's a problem. When alcoholics get really bad, they deny that there's a problem, and insist that their drinking is nothing. Listen, you may be able to control your alcoholism right now, but it can easily get out of control, and end up continuous. From seeing my father drink himself into a timebomb, just wondering how much longer he will live, seeing how it truly can destroy lives, and the effect it has on someone, I can honestly say that I will never, EVER drink. I'm 16, so that's got to say something. I've lived around it my entire life. We've had money problems as far back as i can ever remember, and even more so, ive seen the complete monster it turns my father into. When he has alcohol in him he's cruel, mentally & verbally abusive, hateful, demanding, sociopathic, loud, delusional, and he screams. Not just yells, he screams. It makes you paranoid, constantly wondering if he's coming to say something else mean, or wondering if he's going to holler at my mom next. I thank God I have an amazing mother, she's my best friend, and my rock. Literally, she's everything to me, the only one who could ever understand or relate to what i'm feeling. I know this sounds like rambling, but trust me it's not. It's my experience with alcoholism. Ive learned that all the other drugs out there, heroin, crack, marijuana, meth, effect families more than alcohol does. It's proven, alcohol is the one drug that destroys families the most. I'd never do any of those either. My family is proof that alcohol destroys lives. My moms mother died of alcoholism when my mom was only 13, and I can see my father allowing himself to drink his liver away at 16. I've had to grow up before I shouldve had to, and I've always had worries on my mind, always somehow related to my father's alcoholism, either our extreme lack of money, how to get out of our debt, his latest belligerent blow up, or how to fix everything he's broken. Im saying all this so you know that you should stop it while you can, before it gets any worse. You seem young to me, so I'd imagine that someday you'd want a family. Do you want to let your habit grow into an addiction, and then into beyond repairable alcoholism, then have a family, and have my story someday be your daughter's? Or your son's? You don't want to put someone through the nightmare of being dragged down by an alcoholic. My mom got trapped, and could not afford to get out. She tried though, many times. My father hid the alcoholism from her until it was too late. Now, everyone says that he's beyond repair, there's no helping him, and he doesn't want the help anyway. So, do me, your family, your future children, and loved ones a favor, stop before you can't. My mom did, she quit cold turkey 8 years ago and never looked back, and she and I couldn't be happier. I am tremendously proud and appreciateive of her, I hope she honestly knows how much too. It may not be so bad now, but it can get there, and trust me, you do not want to put yourself or the ones who love you through that. Alcohol is the one legal thing that destroys countless families, including mine. It's not worth the trouble, and you CAN deal without it, you're a strong guy, im sure, so just drink pepsi, haha, anything but that evil, life changing, family ruining alcohol, please. Do it before you can't.

Too much experience with alcoholism.

if your questioning it you probably do, however is is ruining you relationships? your job? how is it making you feel about yourself? drinking is ok in moderation some situations like in a group of people hanging out sometimes your drunk before you realize it if your having fun. but are you drinking alone? does addiction run in your family? is yes to any of these questions you may need more than aa if you really need to stop and cant you may want to consider rehab.

I am not a professional or anthing but if you can not make yourself stop then you you probably have a problem. Every time I drink I know when I need to stop. No one has every told me that I have a problem so if the ones that love you tell you have a problem then ... you should try to get some help! You should never feel stupid for bettering yourself!

You are an alcoholic. everything you list indicates that you have a problem. When people express concern over the amount of booze you are drinking and what is happening please take that as a neon sign.

its only a problem if you make it a problem. I just try not to mention it to people so they dont make all these falks accusations. I am an alcoholic. I would say youre getting a little close. Be careful and remember it is ok to have fun.

Yes. You should try to limit your drinking habits to only once in a while, and if you cant, you should visit a rehabilitation center to see what they will do for you.

Yes. Very much an alcoholic. Think about all the people that had shown concern. Denial? big time, part of the disease.

Can you go a week without drinking? If not, you have a problem

you have a problem


no one likes a quiter.....



you are an alcoholic. a few people on here are telling you to cut back. there is no such thing as cutting back for alcoholics. alcoholics needs to not drink. if you can't control it, you have the disease, even if you are sober for 5 years, you will still have the disease. you need help. alcohol is not for everyone and if you feel stupid at AA then try to find a celebrate recovery near you. if neither AA nor celebrate recovery work for, unfortunately you will have to go to rehab. i know people that drank way less than you do that had to go to rehab for alcohol. it's not how many times a week you drink or how much you drink, it's what happens when you drink and what happens when you don't drink. your story is exactly like my brothers and he found help at celebrate recovery. good luck and god bless.

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