Why does beer taste so good?How do you like your beer?Why is beer gods gift to earth?!

Question: Why does beer taste so good?How do you like your beer?Why is beer gods gift to earth?
Not going over board or anything. But I work at my dad's restaurant, people order beer all the time. We have all types of beer, while I'm at work especially when it's hot outside all I can think of is drinking one of those cold beers!!!

I like my beer with lime, but I'll drink it plain.
Also, been trying it with tomato juice and OMG! =D


keystone light is simply amazing. i drink it like water. keystone ice and red stripe is crazy as well. love that stuff.

I'm not a big beer fan. I much prefer mixed drinks and cocktails. They're fun to make and experiment with. Plus they usually contain fewer calories than beer and you get drunk off of them faster.

One time I was cold so I had the bar tender put my beer in the microwave and it tasted like hot apple cider. Is this a sin?

Really? Tomatoe juice?! that's crazy. I know what you mean. Beers are delicious on a hit day. Try Japanese Sapporo. It is very good

I like beer cause it's so refreshing, especially when you just took it out of the fridge and it's really cold!!! :D

Beer is disgusting, there is no good way to ingest it eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

I don't think beer is that great. I respect it as a drink but I much prefer Pimm's or Bénédictine.

Beer is God's gift to this earth?????

I love Beer

you were born in 92'?

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