Can you guys tell me more about the job as a bar back?!

Question: Can you guys tell me more about the job as a bar back?
There is a restaraunt/bar opening up hiring bar backs. The details provide they will perform bar back duties, security, and clean up duties. Is being a bar back a decent job? Do you get tips or is it hourly pay only? Thanks


Your job is to support the bartender. You will carry racks of glasses/dishes to the dishwasher or possibly wash them behind the bar, restock liquor or mixes if necessary, stock ice bins, cut fruit, run errands as needed, and help clean up, mop the floor, etc at the end of the night. If the bar/lounge has dining tables, you may be responsible for busing the tables clean after the guests leave. Never touch the bartender's (or cocktail girl's) tip left that is left on the table Your main job is to ask questions, observe and learn how to bartend yourself. The bartender is obligated to "tip you out" or share a certain percentage of his tips with you but you also earn an hourly wage. Do a good job and the bartender tips you more. When your bartender learns to trust and depend on you, you will become extremely valuable to him/her and will be well respected and rewarded. When I learn that a bar back is honest, I tip him very well, just to keep him.

Bar-backing is "paying your dues' while you learn. Everyone pays their dues. I did. It is a great opportunity.

Depending on your knowledge, skills, and reputation, you can earn upward of $500 per night as a well-trained bartender. On some good nights, I have earned up to $1500 in tips for one shift but it is very rare. I once got a $5000 tip for serving one table of 5 Japanese businessmen.

You also get a LOT of dates with beautiful women.

Professional fine-dining bartender in New York, Detroit, Dallas, Bangkok Thailand, and Hong Kong upscale hotels and nightclubs over the course of 30 years.

it sounds like a good job to me

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