Smoking fake weed....?!

Question: Smoking fake weed....?
So, one of my best friends is like really fake and tries so hard to fit in. And one day she was smoking and acted all hyper and stuff. But when your high, or at least when I'm high, you feel all chill and stuff. Not like you wanna run around and hug trees and ****. I love her and all but she's just getting on my nerves. So me and my Other Best Friend( I have a lot of best friends.:)) decided to come up with a plan where we would get fake weed and give it to her to smoke and see if she would get "high". Would she? And of course we would have to smoke it with her. So yeah. Is there any bad side effects to this? Is it bad if you get like oregano or something into your circulatory system? We just wanna play a joke on her. We wouldn't wanna harm her in anyway. So if you would, please tell me all side effects, and ways to make it. Danks(:


I wouldn't. First off, one of the only reasons I feel so comfortable smoking every day is that there have been decades of research on weed, and at this point it's pretty unanimously understood that it isn't carcinogenic. I have no clue about oregano, lawn grass, ecc. ecc. Secondly, that's a really bitchy way to approach your friend. She's just going to feel used... like you went behind her back and tried to trick her instead of legitimately talking to her. She's just going to get emotional and defensive, instead of actually listening to what you have to say. Also, the first 5-6 times I smoked I did some pretty wierd stuff (rubbing my face into a carpet, pretending to be a fish, rolling down hills, all that jazz). If it's her pretentiousness that's bothering you, I'd base it off of something other than drug usage.

Smoke Cat Nip. It is something that won't burn your lungs like most random other plants will. Some people actually do smoke it because apparently it does have some very subtle calming efffects. But nothing like actual weed. Tea leaves should be fine too. Oregano might be okay, but would probably burn more. You could also mix in a little tobacco if you wanted to. Make a smoke cocktail haha...Either way, just be smart about it.

you'll cough, it'll prob taste like burning plant, and you'll cough some more

that's about it. funny prank, but i wouldn't put myself through that to prove that someone is pretending to be high. rather just smoke a blunt and laugh at them

Smoke some real weed with her. Make sure she gets high and see if she hugs trees. Write a scientific report and present to her your conclusion with a proposed hypothesis. Undeniable evidence.

never buy the fake crap! it kills you and dont feel nothing like the real thing! if you going to smoke weed stick with the real thing its alot safer!!!!!!!

Just roll a tobacco joint and tell her that it's weed. Safe and simple

tea leafs should do the trick :)

Please do not fool around with any types of drugs whether it be a synthetic or actual drug (including ecstasy which is a hallucinogen and amphetamine). No one wants anything bad or terrible to happen, and you did say that she's your best friend. Hoping that neither of you use marijuana or any substitute to either self-medicate or to try to be accepted by your peers. It's just NOT worth it :) Please forget about testing your friend even if she was not really high that time. Please do instead focus on academics and joining in some after-school clubs such as the community service club, sports team, chorus/orchestra/band, science club, animal rights group, theatre/behind-the-scences club, debate team, environmental club or such.

Please take good care of yourself, your friend and make good, healthy choices in life.

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