How do I hide 110 grand from my parents?!

Question: How do I hide 110 grand from my parents?
Where could I put 110 grand so My parents could not find it ??Im not eighteen for a long while so THE bank is not an option, if i bought a safe they would open it periodically just to see what was inside, there very intrusive and uptight mind you.


your problem is solved. i will hold it for you. check your mail and we'll exchange addresses.

ok well since you have a hundred grand im sure you wouldn't mind buying wood.
This is what i did when i was 16 n i wanted to hide my money i tape all the money on the bottom of my dresser cus there was a gap then go buy a piece of wood and screw it in the bottom so u couldn't see it then if i ever had to dip into to it just unscrew it get a coup bills and screw it back in

what i did

What I doin with that kind of loot thing to do would b to het it invested in a long term cd or ira a financial planer will help with this but the government will ask questions with any thing over 10k or if u can't do that wrap it on several plastic bags with duct tape wrapped around it so its air tight and bury it under a marker or put it between the walls it in the attic under the isolation but u risk loosing it due to fire or theft

Under your mattress, a friends place, between books, behind shelves, top of a tall book case, behind a book case, in a bag hidden in your closet or under your bed, in the garage, disguise it. A PLACE WHERE NOBODY LOOKS.

Basically what I did to my report cards :L

You also don't have a LEGITIMATE 110 "grand" either.

This is another TROLL people, not even 18 here but here

has a child. The idiots are out again today!

sorry idon't no

Sorry sonny in your dreams!

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