What are the advantages and disadvantages of smoking with hemp wick?!

Question: What are the advantages and disadvantages of smoking with hemp wick?

Supposedly it is healthier because it cuts out the fumes from a traditional bic lighter. Cigarette lighters have lots of carcinogens in them and I assume you are smoking marijuana with it because thats the only place I've seen it. But it makes for a more natural smoke especially with some herb. The disadvantages would be that it is more expensive and it takes more time if you have to steadily relight something like a bong or pipe it can get annoying but it does make it healthier another thing is if you are smoking something like a joint and it is loose, it wont burn the joint down as much like if you were to use a lighter and the whole end lights on fire and you have to blow it out. It saves in that way too.

Uncle owns Glass pipe store which sells things like this and hes told me about it.

No fumes from a lighter or sulfur smell from matches.

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