At what time is is acceptable to start drinking?!

Question: At what time is is acceptable to start drinking?
I usually begin at breakfast.



It's 5 o'clock somewhere

As soon as your "off duty".

Where I come from (Denmark) people usually start triking after school/work at Thursday until Saturday, and maybe if the hangovers aren't too bad, then sunday as well.. And if the hangovers are too bad, then we drink anyway, with the saying "Det skal drikkes v?k", meaning that more or less everything can be cured by drinking.. Especially hangovers.

As they say, "It's 5PM somewhere!" While that may not be exactly true, the fact is that you are a free person and you can do as you wish.

On Sundays I start before Noon because you can't drink all day if you don't start before Noon.

During the week, I refrain from the 3 martini lunch and wait until the end of the day, typically starting around 5:30 if not a tad earlier.

It is acceptable when you find it acceptable. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise


Breakfast is good, partticularly with a Boddington's. as they say, "You can't drink all day unless you start in the morning."

After midday. It's always after midday yesterday.

I work graveyard shift, so I get home at 7:30 a.m.
That's when I start pounding down the the EFF else can you sleep during the day???

Whenever you wake up. For me, it's about 8am usually.

Whenever you want!

this is AMERICA!

Hotel bars in posh hotels tend to see the first orders coming in at around 11:30am.

Depends. Sometimes 9 depending on how hung over I am from the night before.

My liver hurts.

6 - cuz 5 in the morning is just too damned early

Not until the sun is over the yard arm...

I never stop.


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