Is it okay to drink alcohol at lunch time?!

Question: Is it okay to drink alcohol at lunch time?
What's your opinion on drinking alcohol at lunch? I go out to lunch with friends a lot, and occasionally have a glass of wine or beer with my meal, and never order it if I have to work afterwards. Last time, one of my friends brought along another girl who I had never met, who commented that it was "too early for alcohol" after I asked for a glass of wine. Do you think that it's wrong to drink alcohol at lunch time?


It's a very personal thing. One person will find it perfectly acceptable, while another will be disgusted at the thought of drinking at lunchtime.

I work in a pub. We serve alcohol from 9am. I know from experience there are enough people who start drinking from that time of the morning, so to me, lunchtime is a fair time. If you're comfortable with it, then there isn't really an issue.

She was wrong, alcohol at lunch is perfectly acceptable. If you're returning to work (or, of course, driving) don't drink more than one. Also be careful of things like beer that stay on your breath. But there's nothing wrong with a drink at lunch. Personally, I think eating Italian food without wine is like, geez, about as enjoyable as kissing your sibling or something.

Tell your friend's friend to go to London and have lunch at a Pub ... heck, you don't even have to wait until lunch. The pubs are packed, all of the time.

It is never "too early". Maybe it is for her, but it is none of her business if you want a glass a wine or a bottle of wine at lunch.

no it is not wrong. But a lot of employers do have policies on drinking during work hours. You say you don't drink if you are going back to work. so it seems like you have the right mindset here. Just because the rude girl thinks its too early for her, doesn't mean it too early for normal people.

Drinking at lunchtime is so good it should be mandatory.

If its after 12... I let myself have a drink. (as long as i'm not driving or going to work afterwards)

Though I'm pregnant now so ... not drinks for me.

If you want a glass of wine , have one! WhO cares what that girl thinks?

Uh, huh, it is.

It depends what you are doing after

it's fine go and enjoy yourself

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