What does pussy taste like. ?!

Question: What does pussy taste like. ?
I know in some civilisations people eat animals that us westerners consider to be pets. I've also heard when people eat strange and unusual meats the often say it tastes like chicken. I just wondered if anyone knows what pussy tastes like. I've always thought it may taste a bit like fish but I've never eaten pussy so I don't know for definite. Thanks.


Give it a try...she will probably thank you too...

Well, it tastes like pussy. Pussy is a combination of eggs and oatmeal in Afghanistan,so it tastes of eggs and oatmeal.

Hi. some says that it really taste like chicken, or maybe i just asked the wrong people. for sure if you Google it up you might get a better answer.

It does taste like *******, I've been told.

it's kinda salty but the discharge tastes like cheese

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