Will I fail an alcohol urine test if i had two Coors Original beers?!

Question: Will I fail an alcohol urine test if i had two Coors Original beers?
I had two Coors Original beers last night (Tuesday) within a 3 hour time period. It's Wednesday and I am having a job interview Thursday for a job that may or may not require a alcohol test. Will I fail if I take the test Thursday (almost two days after drinking)? I don't typically drink that much and it just so happens that I had two beers not thinking that I was going to ever be alcohol tested. And what exactly is a failing EGT? Does it have to be higher or if you have any EGT does that mean that you will fail?

Some additional information: I am 24 years old and weigh 140 lbs.


I don't think there's really a chance that you would fail it.....your body metabolizes alcohol 'one drink per hour' so if you had two beers then you just need two hours for it to be out of your system. And most drug screening tsts for employment only need you to take it within 3 business days of getting offered the job so if your paranoid for some reason just wait till the third day to take it.

Within 2 days it should be through you system already, and if your still worried try drink lots of water the day before and try to get the alcohol through your body

Probably not. But if you're on probation they might hold it against you.

I used to work in Management.

The alcohol will have left you system after four hours.

I think that you will get away with it ...

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