I added water to my parents vodka?!

Question: I added water to my parents vodka?
I was with my friend one night and we wanted to have some vodka, it was in the freezer and we had some and to cover up how much we drank, I added water. At the time I didn't think about the water freezing and the vodka staying a liquid. I drank it 4 days ago and I notice it was in a different position in the freezer, should I leave it alone or try and fix it now? How do I fix it?


When they're not home take it out and leave it outside for a while and let it melt. Then see if you can pour a little bit of the water out. Who cares if it's a few ounces less. They're not going to notice unless you've been caught drinking before and they were keeping an eye on the bottle.

They have already noticed your actions. I would suggest "coming clean" but don't
whine if they punish you as I hope they do. If you wanna drink so bad ASK FIRST

I am not religious, but do know right from wrong. I hope you don't do this again kid.

What you did is not a good and honorable practice. "Honor your father and mother that it may go well with you in your later years" Bible.


U can't did it now. Your only choice is to avoid the topic or come clean. I suggest coming clean, your parents will respect you more in the end. Good luck!



I been in the same sittution to just buy a new Bottle drink some of it to the point where u took it

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